Q : What is an ICO?

A : ICO is an abbreviation for "Initial Coin Offering". ICO is a new method to raise funds. In comparison with standard venture capital, any individual or company can take part in ICOs.

Q : What is a token?

A : A token Is a digital asset that ICOs issue. When investing in ICOs, you get tokens that offer the potential to earn profits. Tokens can serve as a surrogate for cash, title of ownership or any other asset.

Q : What is an exchange?

A : An exchange is a system (website or application), where you can buy and sell any cryptocurrency (token) for another one at the current prices. The prices move based on supply and demand, shown by traders.

Q : What is a White Paper?

A : A White Paper is a technical document, which is drawn in a free format by the ICO team. Generally, this document offers a complete description for the project: its concept and advantages as compared to similar projects, team and roadmap.

Q : How can I list my project at ICOplace?

A : If you want to list your ICO at ICOplace, you need to register first. After you have completed the registration procedure and confirmed your email, go to the menu item "Add Your ICO". You can add your project there. Be aware that we manually moderate all new projects.

Q : How can I edit my ICO information after it has been moderated?

A : You can make changes to your ICO description at any time following the moderation. Go to the Personal Account, My ICO List and select a respective ICO. Make changes and click "Send". Your ICO will be hidden, until it has passed moderation.

Q : How do you moderate ICOs?

A : We moderate requests within 24 hours from the time, when you forwarded the request.

Q : How can I delete my ICO from your site?

A : Please email us from the your official address at [email protected] You need to specify the following information in your email: "Please delete ICO <name of ICO> from the main page of icoplace.io".